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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Cares If SATC Star Cynthia Nixon Had Cosmetic Surgery

picture of SATC star Cynthia Nixon in low cut black dressWe don't care if SATC star Cynthia Nixon had cosmetic surgery; We just want to set the record straight on this senseless and groundless tittle-tattle about the 42-year-old celeb allegedly undergoing a boob job.

Feisty Cynthia -- you go, girlfriend -- "delivered a swift kick in the ovaries" to the truth-challenged New York Post, who reported last week that she had a boob job. She admits she consulted with doctors about her breasts -- specifically, for her breast cancer check-up.

Why do we want to set the record straight? Sometimes gossip is a good thing. This gossip is our reminder to do a BSE - breast self exam - and have a mammogram every one to two years starting at age 40.

Cynthia added:

"I was at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital for my 'three-monthly' checkup," said Nixon, a breast-cancer survivor. "I was in the Oncology Department. I guess they think that means 'plastic surgery.'"

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Could Lara Flynn Boyle Carry a Health Warning In The Future?

picture of Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle, of Twin Peaks' fame, Jack Nicholson fame, and recently Law and Order fame, has caused a stir in the media. Dr. Tony Youn, cosmetic surgeon, thinks it's possible that "she may have had fat grafting or Sculptra injections to volumize her face, but she may also have gained a few pounds." Will she be required to carry a health warning in the future so that she is not mistaken for a role model for young, influential girls?

Regardless of the cause for the dramatic change in Boyle's appearance, it is very worrisome. If it is the result of botched cosmetic surgery or an eating disorder (note the chipmunk cheeks), what part does Hollywood and the media play in this issue?

Yesterday Women's Wear Daily reported British Fashion Council's continued concern in what part airbrushed images play in perpetuating an unachievable aesthetic:

Could British magazines' glossy images of airbrushed models and celebrities carry a health warning in the future? Following the British Fashion Council's Model Health Inquiry last December, which questioned the part airbrushed images play in perpetuating an "unachievable aesthetic," digitally enhanced images — in other words, airbrushing — are set for some closer inspection. The U.K.'s Periodical Publishers Association said Tuesday it will set up a working group with the BFC and London magazine editors to discuss the use of digital enhancements in fashion photography. "As this is a complex issue and there is no predetermined consensus across the industry, PPA is currently canvasing views," the association said. No date has been set for a meeting, said a spokesman.

Our thoughts go out to Lara Flynn Boyle and hope she finds peace with her inner beauty.

If anybody wants to weigh in -- no pun intended -- we would love to hear your views on this subject.

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