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Monday, March 3, 2008

Inexpensive Air Fare To The Tropics Via A Candle

Kai candle
I am leaving for a tropical vacation at the end of the month but the oppressive winter air has sat on me like the Abominable Snowman. Help! I need tropical CPR! I need scented air fare to an island! The Kai candle (Amazon $40), with the scent of the tropics in the air, transported me to Hawaii. I am a frequent flyer of clean and soft scents that are not overpowering, and Kai delivered the ticket. The Boutique Girl gave me a "brains on beauty" tip with purchase: When the wax is still warm, you can rub it on your cuticles.
The Kai Body Butter is one of Oprah's faves, too (Amazon $54).
Kai Body Butter, an Oprah fave
Rating: 4 Paws. Although $40 is not expensive for a trip to the tropics, it is a little too pricey for 5 paws.

four dog paws

Since our area is once again going to be hit by a major snowstorm this week, my candle will be burning at both ends. Wishing you the warmth of the sun.
(Images: Amazon)

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