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Friday, July 11, 2008

Intimacy Bra Care Specialists

picture of a brown haired woman in matching brown, lacy bra and panties with a blue and brown shirt hanging by her lower arms and waist with the words Chantelle, the brand name, in the upper left hand corner and all on a pink backgroundA month or so ago, Franci and I made a trip to Chicago for the purpose of experiencing Oprah's fave bra fitting specialist, Intimacy , the Bra Care Specialist. We had our free 30-minute personalized consultation and were educated about bra fashion, design, and care.

I was greeted by a perky, little woman who escorted me to a small dressing room. I learned she would be the one handling me today -- literally! She was my holistic bra care specialist.

Because Intimacy practices a proprietary holistic method of fitting, I was asked to disrobe from the waist up, and my fitting specialist looked at my bare, naked breasts. Her visual inspection resulted in a guesstimate of my bra size, whereupon, she left me staring in the mirror at my naked l'il breasts while she handpicked a bra wardrobe for me.

Upon her return, she had me bend over from the waist while she inserted my chilly, l'il boobies into a microscopic A cup. It's depressing enough to see one's chilly, l'il boobies in the mirror but even more depressing to go from a B cup to an A cup in a matter of minutes.

That's not always the case. Franci, on the other hand, went from a B cup to a D cup in a matter of minutes.

Some things in life are just not fair!

Here is their general rule of holistic thumb:

If you wear a 2-4 try a size 30; size 4-6 try a 32: size 8-10 try a size 34; size 12-14 try a 36 and so on. Every time you go down ONE BACK SIDE—GO UP ONE CUP SIZE. In other words, a 38B should go to a 36C.

After my bra specialist created my personal wardrobe of bras, she informed me that a bra needs to rest after 48 hours to enable its elastic materials to retain their stretch memory.

Even though I'm petite and slight in weight, I have back bulge! I was informed that wearing my bra level or lower with the ribs -- which is highly uncomfortable for me -- will make 90% of all back fat disappear! The bottom line, you need to find the right band positioning to reduce back bulge.

The collections that are carried in the store are absolutely exquisite. Chantelle was the brand that my bra specialist handpicked for me. It is the belief of Intimacy that the best bras are European ones—they have better design and more engineering than American ones, and according to my bra specialist, many of their European collections were handmade. For the woman who likes to match her panties to her bra, never fear: Intimacy has a large range of lingerie sets.

I was extremely disappointed that I didn't have the life-changing experience that is suggested by Intimacy's marketing campaign. I think the only way my boyish figure would have a life-changing experience would be with breast enhancement surgery...or Cupcake Cleavage, which can also be purchased at Intimacy.
picture of a pink box of Cupcake Cleavage, with a picture of two silcone faux breast sitting next to the box
(My limited experience with Cupcake Cleavage has been very positive, except that the cupcakes have a mind of their own. At lunch with gal pals one day, one of my Cupcakes was perching on my neck bone and peeking at my gal pals :) !) You can also purchase Butt Boosters at Intimacy, too. (At this juncture, I haven't experienced the boosting of my butt.)

picture of Madonna in her point bra and hair pulled back in pony tail
I don't think it was a life-changing experience for Franci either. Maybe it was for her husband. Jeez -- B cup to D cup. The Intimacy bras that she purchased definitely lifted her breasts without making them look like Madonna in her iconic high-risk pointy bra. (I'm surprised she didn't get sued for poking somebody's eye out.)

The downside: Very pricey and stringent return policy.

In all honesty, I was going to throw down a couple of hundred dollars on two new bras. Unfortunately -- or fortunately -- they didn't have my size in stock. Since then, I threw down that same couple of hundred dollars on a 7-day bra wardrobe. In the future, I will purchase one of their exquisite but pricey European bras for very special occasions.

I would highly recommend the Intimacy experience for all women, just for the entertainment and education alone. Small boned women or women of small stature, young girls, big-busted women will be able to find their perfect bra at Intimacy. Free alterations and tailoring are also offered for women with challenging issues.

You can find an Intimacy store in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Miami, and Houston.

Have a perky day,

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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Intelligent Bra Takes the Jingle Out Of Your Bells

Women and girls can thank the very jolly scientists who discovered how to take the jingle out of your bells. Australian scientists have created a fabric that monitors breast motion. Soon you can be sporting a bra that is embedded with sensors to provide custom support. Now that is really plugged in.poster of how the intelligent bra works

Are you one of the 80 percent of women and girls that is wearing the wrong bra? According to the researchers from the University of Wollongong, "A consequence of current brassiere design is that the brassiere straps bear much of the load generated by breast momentum during physical activity."

"As breast mass increases, breast bounce momentum also increases, placing large loads on the straps and, in turn, excessive pressure on the wearer's shoulders. (Journal of Biomechanics. ) In other words, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle... This is a case of scientists having too much fun at their jobs.

The naked truth is that the current design allegedly holds the girls in by pressing the breasts into the chest to stop movement. Many large-breasted women experience exercise-induced breast pain as a result of the current bra design. Even small-breasted women experience a 2-inch jiggle factor compared to almost 3-inches in the bigger women.

Bounce me a name for this bra with a brain. Hmm, The Wollongong? We probably should give credit to the jubilant and enterprising scientists.

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