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Monday, May 12, 2008

How to Keep Your White Shirt From Turning Yellow

woman wearing a three-quarters sleeve white blouseA reader asked, "How do I keep my white shirts from turning yellow?" Oh, dear reader, although yellow is a hot summer trend this year, we don't want it showing up on our white shirts, blouses, or tees.

picture of woman wearing white blouse with puff sleeves

Tips for Caring for Your Whites:

Frequent Washing: It’s good to wash whites every time you wear them, even if you don’t think they’re dirty. Perspiration will turn your white items yellow. Rinse fresh stains with cold water. Treat stains ASAP.

Soften Your Water: Minerals in hard water can gray your white clothes. Adding ½ cup of vinegar to your rinse water will soften your water.

Natural Light: Remember how clothes or sheets smell after hanging them outside to dry? The sun is a natural and gentle way to bleach fabrics.

Avoid Too Much Heat: Drying with high heat or too much heat will turn your whites gray over time.

Got Stains? OxyClean: OxyClean is a workhorse of the laundry room. But bleach is a no-no! Bleach breaks down natural fibers and brighteners in most white fabrics.

Dry Cleaning: Although I send The Hubster's shirts to the cleaners, I might start washing them at home and have the cleaners press them for a crisp look.

woman wearing a white tee shirt

Extra credit Style Tips: Although a crisp, white shirt or blouse is a smart look that travels well from season to season, how do you know what white looks best on you. The following is the rule of thumb for choosing the right white:

Pure white:

  • Cool-toned skin

  • Blue or green eyes

  • Black, white, gray, or taupe brown hair

Creamy white:

  • Warm-toned skin

  • Brown, olive, or golden eyes

  • Warm brown, golden blonde, or red hair

On the other hand, another rule of thumb is to choose whites that match the color of your teeth, eye whites, or skin tone. If age or smoking has yellowed your teeth, a pure white shirt or blouse will make your teeth look even more yellow.

So add a little punch of yellow to your spring wardrobe but not to your white shirt, blouse, or tee, or your teeth.

Images: Nordstrom: Nike Favorite Top $40, Nexx Puff Sleeve Shirt $58, Theory Kicki Luxe Shirt, $200.

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