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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beauty Trick For Over-Plucked Eyebrows

Men's Rogaine

Well-coiffed eyebrows are an instant facelift, but if you are an over-plucker or have thin eyebrows, it can age you dramatically. Here is a beauty trick to have you looking high-browed again.

After looking in the mirror this morning to tweeze my brows, I realized that my brows didn't need tweezing; they needed hair! Then I remembered a little known beauty secret about grow-a-brow. By applying Men's Rogaine, which has a higher concentration of Minoxidil than the women's formula, you will cultivate a bushier brow.

"There has been a study conducted on the eyebrow regrowth. The panel of the study reported that the topical application of minoxidil prior to and after hair restoration ffers potential benefits of eyebrow regrowth. Some of the usual benefits of rogaine are stabilizing existing hair growth and preventing further hair loss in non-transplanted areas of the scalp, increasing the number of hairs in the anagen (growth) phase, as opposed to those in the telogen (resting) and catagen (shedding) phases, thus contributing to the appearance of a fuller head of hair."

If you decide to try this beauty trick, don't get Rogaine near your eyes! It can take up to six months to regrow hair, so be patient.

If you are like me and your lack of brow hair is age-related, this beauty trick isn't for you. For other brow secrets, read "Are You An Over-Plucker?"


Sources: The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets

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