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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5 Tips To Creating A Magical Bath

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At the end of the day, a 15-minute bath every night before bed not only relaxes my mind but my overworked muscles, too. It is a chance to escape to another world. To relax. To soak away the worries of the day. Every woman deserves the healing waters of a luxuriating bath. B-u-b-b-l-e-s spells luxury, and here are 5 tips to create a magical bath:

  1. Jo Malone bath oils are favorites of many of my girlfriends. Mor Persian Peach Bath Foam is my bath product du jour. Epsom salts is a time-tested recipe for relieving aching muscles. Or make your own bath oils. Feeling playful, add Mr. Bubbles and a rubber ducky. Any product containing lavender induces a calming effect.

  2. Select some of your fave musical pieces. Keep a few CDs and a battery operated CD player in the bathroom. Some baths are best in silence, it is true, but the right music makes the best better. Like the bath itself, I prefer tunes that are relaxing (It's Time by Michael Buble). Music that takes me on sensory journeys to far off lands are even better, for bathtime is a perfect time to let your mind wander.

  3. Since a bath is a sensory experience, light perfumed soy candles and pour yourself a glass of Pellegrino with a lemon and lower the lights. Use a bath pillow or small rolled-up towel for comfort.

  4. If your goal is to relax, 100 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature that has been shown to relax muscles and the temperature at which your brain stimulates calming chemicals.

  5. Spend a majority of the bathtime relaxing, but leave time to whisk away dead cells. Working with a body brush, start from the toes, polishing the skin on the body. After getting out of the tub while you are still damp, slather on your favorite scented moisturizing cream.
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