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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meredith Vieira Reveals Her Beauty Secret

Does Meredith Vieira include cosmetic surgery in her anti-aging regimen?

If you looked up aging gracefully in the encyclopedia of beauty, you would find a picture of Meredith Vieira. Meredith Vieira started her career in front of the camera more than two decades ago, and she still looks fabulous.

What's her beauty secret?

"I don't have one," says the Today co-anchor, 54. "I have good people." Meredith is also adamant that cosmetic surgery is not part of her anti-aging regimen.

We love your grace and style, Meredith, but we suspect that good genes has a lot to do with it, too.

With which celebrity’s style do you most identify?
  • Meredith Vieira
  • Diane Sawyer
  • Lauren Hutton
  • Jane Seymour
  • Sela Ward
  • Diane Keaton
  • Goldie Hawn

To find out more about your sense of style, take the personal style quiz by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy, or read Staging a Comeback.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beauty Product Review: Instant Chemistry 101

tag for coutorture community must read of the day

picture of torch with Joey's Instant Chemistry 101 beauty productsYou don't need a Ph.D in chemistry to benefit from Joey Specialty Instant Chemistry 101 ($35). The chemistry kit contains four anti-aging products formulated with Marine Collagen and Prozymex HBT (Bernz-O-Matic 2000 torch not included)

  • Quick Cleanser Toner Scrub Masque In 2 Minutes

  • The Quick Once Over

  • Quick Moisturizer

  • The Eye Compatibility Duo

    "Many little girls grow up playing with their mother’s makeup, but few turn the childhood pastime into a multi-million dollar business. Joey Chancis is one beauty addict that made it happen. Raised by a mother who “was born with makeup on”, Joey was exposed to color cosmetics and proper skincare from an early age. Joey’s “formal” education in the beauty industry came from product development positions with Chanel and Revlon, where she learned an insider’s view of the creation, marketing and promotion of numerous cosmetic products. She took this knowledge and opened Joey New York Day Spa in 1992 at Le Parker Meridien Hotel. The successful venture was a partnership with Joey’s mother, Arlyne Roer. Although the two beautyphiles attracted an impressive clientele, Joey and Arlyne were unimpressed with the treatment products available. "

You gotta love this: Despite Joey's extraordinary career, her beautiful little daughter Jade takes the spotlight in Joey’s life, extending a legacy of close mother – daughter relationships into a new generation. You know Girl-Woman loves mother-daughter relationships.

But back to the chemistry experiment at hand:

  • The Quick Cleanser Toner Srub Masque is only a two-minute process. We love that! And the product leaves your face feeling cool and fresh.

  • The Quick Once Over is a must-have after a workout at the gym...or a workout at the office.

  • The anti-aging Quick Moisturizer for dry skin gives you subliminal hydration.

  • The Eye Compatibility Duo contains alpha amino acids to help hydrate the eye area, and we are always giddy over alpha amino acids.

For price and efficiency, we give Instant Chemistry 101 an A+. For anti-aging, Instant Chemistry 101 is a good discovery kit for the student of skincare benefits.

For other independent reviews, go to Total Beauty.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does This Cellulite Make My Butt Look Big?

woman in hospital gownLying on the gurney with my naked, dimpled buttocks smiling at the doctor -- like this, ( ) -- as he was injecting an epidural in my L5, I thought, "Does this cellulite make my butt look big?" It doesn't matter how much you weigh, when you hit a certain age, your buttocks take on that cottage cheese appearance, a/k/a cellulite. Is there any way to rid your rear of cellulite?

What is cellulite:? In one word, fat. When you put on a few pounds, our fat cells swell while our connective tissue stays the same, hence, creating the dimples.

How to get rid of cellulite: In one word, exercise. Unfortunately, all the quick fix solutions -- herbal concoctions, body wraps, toning lotions, electrical muscle stimulation -- are not effective in ridding yourself of cellulite.

I called my personal trainer/daughter and had her weigh in on the cellulite issue. If you want to rid your buttocks of cellulite, she recommended starting with lunges. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart holding a dumbbell in each hand. Begin by taking a big step forward while lowering your body. Bring leg back to starting position and repeat with opposite leg. Keep your back straight and abs tight during this exercise. For more fitness tips, .

comic strip asking, does this make my butt look bitBrains on Beauty: Gentlemen, the answer to the does-my-butt-look-big question is always NO!

Has your significant other ever answered otherwise?

Have a great day, and as Jamie always says, "Keep moving."


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Friday, May 23, 2008

Beauty Product Review: Sun Sauce Moisturizing Sunless Lotion

Luckily, I had an opportunity to test-drive Sun Sauce Moisturizing Sunless Lotion. It's a white girl's best friend. Believe me, without tanning, I'm sallow and ashen white. As a personal trainer, sallow and ashen white skin is not a good look for business. But I found a new best friend - Sun Sauce.

I have tried many self-tanning products, but I will endorse Sun Sauce as the very best sunless tanner EVER.

  • No streaking.
  • It doesn't come off on your clothes.
  • You actually look tan, not orange.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Doesn't stain hands.
  • Contains anti-aging ingredients.
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Builds slowly.
At the gym, my Sun Sauce tan has received so many compliments.

"Were you just on vacay?"
"No, it's the Sauce."
"The sauce?"
"Sunless Sauce."
And when they don't ask, I tell all my clients about it.
Sun Sauce is formulated to deliver the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and rich botanicals to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. We have included the finest quality of the very best ingredients available such as shea butter, monoi oil, sweet almond oil, tea tree oil, unitrienol and healing vitamins that include A, B and E plus complex minerals to give your skin the best care possible.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and in this case, hit the Sauce!


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

La Mer - The Cleansing Lotion: Is It Worth the Price?

picture of La Mer, The Cleansing Lotion
Beauty Product Review: Recently I had the opportunity to test La Mer, The Cleansing Lotion ($65). Sacré bleu! My interest has been piqued since many celebs swear by this uber expensive beauty product. J.Lo bathes in La Mer. Kimmora Lee Simmons allegedly slathers the cream all over her body. It's one of Madonna's anti-aging secrets. But for $65, it had better be manifique!

The Cleansing Lotion derives its remarkable cleansing power from magnetized tourmaline and La Mer's exclusive Deconstructed Waters™. These positively charged waters enable this cleanser to thoroughly, yet tranquilly draw dirt, debris, makeup and pollutants out and away from the skin without harsh rubbing. Formulated with non-detergent ingredients essential to maintaining skin's delicate moisture barrier, the cleansers are so gentle, they will not upset the complexion, even with frequent use. The Cleansing Lotion is ideal for normal to dry skins and gentle enough to remove eye makeup. This versatile formula may be rinsed or tissued off.

My skin isn't the baby-soft body glove that I was born with. As I've aged, my skin gradually has become thinner and finely wrinkled. Oil-producing (sebaceous) glands have grown less active, leaving my skin drier. Menopause and the lack of estrogen has created a face drier than the Sahara Desert, so I was delighted to give this a test-drive. I know that a gentle cleanser would be advantageous to my skin care routine, but is La Mer Cleansing Lotion worth the price?

The Pros:

  • La Mer Cleansing Lotion doesn't contain any strong soaps, which can strip oil from skin, leaving skin dry.

  • La Mer Cleansing Lotion doesn't contain any additives, like perfumes or dyes, that can irritate skin.

  • La Mer Cleansing Lotion has a lovely floral fragrance.

  • La Mer’s Cleansing Lotion does not require harsh scrubbing or rubbing.

The Cons:
  • Price

  • Price

  • Price

I repeat, sacré bleu! Outrageous price!

Brains on Beauty: Without breaking the bank, good cleansing choices include anti-aging Dove Pro-Age, Cetaphil, and Purpose. Although they might not feel as luxurious as La Mer Cleansing Lotion, all three cleanse your face as well as this product. A better return on your investment would be to purchase a quality moisturizer.

Bonne journée!


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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anti-Aging Hair Care: Travertine Protein Shampoo Tea Tree

picture of Travertine Spa Shampoo and ConditionerTravertine Spa, a leading lifestyle brand of spa products and yoga apparel, sent me their anti-aging, age-defying Protein Shampoo to test. Now you girls know that I have a cache of beauty products, but until being contacted by Travertine, I hadn't heard of an age-defying shampoo,

First I opened the bottle to smell the shampoo. Lovely. Clean. Fresh. Organic.

Then I read the ingredient list of the paraben-free eco-friendly shampoo:

  • Tea-Tree essential oil to gently cleanse and repair dry, damaged hair.

  • Indian Gooseberry extract, known to prevent premature graying, is added to enrich hair growth and pigmentation.

  • Soy protein, Shikakai Nut and Neem extract are added for moisture and lustre.

What piqued my interest the most was the Indian Gooseberry extract, which has an antioxidant capacity higher than scores of other fruits, including blueberries and strawberries, Natreon, the manufacturers claims the following:

Based on the Phyllanthus emblica, manufacturers Natreon, Inc., say its patented Capros extract has an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value of 1770 - twice that of acai and about 17 times that of pomegranate, Natreon said. Antioxidants have the ability to neutralise free radicals that can damage the body's cells. Free radicals can build up in the body and cause oxidative stress, which is thought to contribute to the aging process and several diseases.

If Natreon's claims prove to be true, then the Indian gooseberry could become one of the hottest new superfruits of 2008.

According to Travertine:

We originally created Protein Shampoo and Protein Conditioner because a high-end gym in Los Angeles wanted natural botanical products for clients in the showers "Our new Hair Therapy is like a natural homeopathic tonic in a bottle," said Terry Carter, Travertine Spa founder and CEO. "It's wonderful to have natural products that exceed the texture and quality of those with synthetic ingredients." The Hair Therapy line, designed for the boutique market, is priced at $25-$30 for 16 ounce bottles.

Finally, I gave it a test-drive and came to the following conclusions:

  • Great suds appeal.

  • Although it's a protein shampoo, "wheat protein" is listed about two-thirds the way down in the ingredient list. Protein is normally added to shampoo to treat damaged hair. I would like to have seen "protein" as one of the first ingredients on the list, indicating that protein was a main ingredient.

  • Compared to other boutique shampoos, the price is average for a boutique hair product.

  • Pure, natural, and refreshing scent.

  • Love-love that it's paraben-free.
Since this product felt very lush on my hair, which is now gray but tinted and highligted to defy my age, it would also work on dry, damaged hair; coarse, curly hair; or processed hair.

Brains on Beauty: Speaking of paraben-free (link to breast cancer and parabens), if you Picture of Totally Green Sweepstakesneed more information on eco-friendly beauty products or to enter to win an eco-friendly car and other products from Total Beauty, click here.

What are your feelings on eco-friendly beauty products?

Have an anti-aging Saturday,


Sources: Food Technology

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

No. 1 Way To Fight Wrinkles

picture of RevaleSkin

The No. 1 way to fight wrinkles, according to my dermatologist, is a beauty product containing coffeeberries, the outer layer of the coffee fruit, which is a rich source of antioxidants, with research reporting that 400 mg of concentrate has a radical scavenging activity equal to 9.6 grams of fresh blueberries, 6.2 grams of strawberries, or 4.9 grams of raspberries, a veritable antioxidant fruitfest.

Admittedly, I have been a fan of Prevage MD for the last year, but the jury is in and Prevage MD is too irritating for most women's skin. My dermatologist recommended I switch to RevaleSkin. RevaleSkin is the first and only professional line of anti-aging skin care products exclusively formulated with the powerful, natural antioxidant ingredient, CoffeBerry. Unfortunately, it is only available through physicians' offices ($40 t0 $110), and a few online resources, from which I have not purchased a beauty product.

What is particularly significant about the launch of this anti-aging skin care line is that it taps into two of the biggest trends in the cosmetics industry at the current time - the move towards natural cosmetics combined with consumer interest in anti-aging treatments.

According to the company, RevaleSkin's CoffeeBerry ingredient not only has the advantage of being naturally-derived, it is also one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man, a property that makes it highly effective in the treatment of fine lines, age spots -- I mean sunspots -- and other photoaging-induced symptoms.

I am quick to jump on the anti-aging bandwagon, primarily due to my age! I started the CoffeeBerry skincare regime yesterday, so I will keep you posted as to the results and my continued research. At this juncture, I am not convinced that RevaleSkin is better than any other beauty product that contains antioxidants. Until I learn otherwise, I am hedging my bets with food sources that are high in antioxidants, like drinking a cup of green tea or an acai fruit smoothie, as well as beauty products containing antioxidants.
Until then, meet a friend at the corner cafe for a cuppa CoffeeBerry. It can't hurt.

Have a great Thursday,


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Monday, March 31, 2008

Better Than Botox? Beauty Product Review of AlphaDerma CE

picture of AlphaDerm CE

When you receive a product to review that is advertised as "Better than Botox," it really makes you sit up and take notice.

"A surgical injection of Botox® is designed to paralyze facial muscles to prevent them from contracting. AlphaDerma CE is formulated with 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 (AH3), also known as Argireline. Argireline is the only ingredient in cosmetics today that offers the same results as Botox® without needles or the risk of damage to the skin or facial muscles. Argireline blocks the nerve signals that control the contraction of facial muscles. This produces a significant reduction in both the depth and size of wrinkles and fine lines."

When I first applied the product, I thought I had found a painless topical alternative to Botox (although I don't use Botox.), but the sceptic in me knew it was too good to be true. The next morning, sans makeup, I took a picture of my face without AlphaDerma CE, and then after applying AlphaDerma CE, I took another picture. (Only if you say, "pretty please" will I post the pictures here. A closeup picture is not my friend anymore.)

On a positive note, I found that AlphaDerma CE has a tightening effect which is beneficial, but if you want the Botox effect, you need to pay to play. As you can see below, AlphaDerma CE is a cocktail of eight anti-aging ingredients. Like most peptide potions, the formula is costly, too: $129 from Janson Beckett.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid, the most potent antioxidant on the market today, helps repair aged skin while preventing future damage.

  • VITAMIN C ESTER (ascorbyl palmitate) boosts protective antioxidant action and helps repair past damage by aiding new collagen production.

  • DMAE often called “facelift in a jar”, helps Firm and Tighten the skin.

  • ELASTIN is the main ingredient in the skin that allows it to stretch without leaving stretch marks. AlphaDerma CE contains 100% rare, costly, freeze-dried powdered ELASTIN concentrate – which has almost 100% amino acid content. This makes our ELASTIN 10x more potent than any other standard ELASTIN products used in the U.S. or abroad.

  • COLLAGEN is an integral part of the support structure of the skin. The addition of our collagen to the formulation fills in unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Our special delivery system allows the collagen to be absorbed into the lower levels of the epidermis - which is the "birth" layer of new cells. Our collagen is hydrolyzed collagen, which is a form of collagen that is broken into smaller molecules, allowing it to be more easily absorbed into the epidermis."

Before testing AlphaDerma CE, I had been using Prevage MD for about six months. Prevage MD’s key ingredient is Idebenone, which according to my dermatologist is the most powerful topical antioxidant available on the market today.

It is also interesting to note that Allergan, the pharmaceutical company which makes and markets Prevage MD, is also the maker of Botox. Once again, I have not found a topical alternative to Botox, but maybe Allergan is getting closer to finding youth in a bottle.

Have a great Monday,


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Not To Look Old - An Interview With Charla Krupp

The following is an interview with Charla Krupp, author of How Not To Look Old -- Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better. "Aging Sucks" according to Charla. Her book covers a college semester in Baby Boomer Beauty 101 -- educating women over 40 on wardrobe tweaks, beauty secrets, makeup tips, and even shopping lists.

Free Giveaway: Charla was kind enough to provide three How Not To Look Old books to give to my readers. To enter to win, leave a comment after the post. If you are under 40, this would be make a great Mother's Day Gift, too. Comments will be accepted until March 31, 2008.

Beckie: Charla, thank you for your time. I know women will be very interested in your answers, as you are the poster child for the boomer who has reinvented aging. Even though you admit in your book -- How Not To Look Old -- that you are high maintenance, your high-maintenance routine obviously works for you. You look fabulous. Your book should be a must-read for every woman 40 or older.

I know you are a fan of injectables. Is there anything new on the dermatological horizon?

Charla: As far as injectables, it seems that there is something new every month. It's best if you talk to your derm about what is best for you. As I said in HOW NOT TO LOOK OLD, permanent fillers can leave permanent problems so don't just go for the long-term solution unless you are
assured that you are in the right hands. You can't be too careful about this.

Beckie: You didn't put a chapter on plastic surgery in you book, and you even quote Isaac Mizrahi as saying, "Do you want to look 70? Get a face lift." Would you ever consider a surgical face lift or an acupuncture face lift?

Charla: I'm hoping that by the time I need a face lift, there is a non-surgical solution. I don't look forward to going through that procedure! It's not pretty. And I've seen some very bad face lifts.

Beckie: Your resume reads like a good book. You have been a former beauty editor at Glamour, Senior Editor at InStyle, Beauty Editor at People Watch, currently writing a column for More magazine, as well as your countless appearances on television. Even though you are an expert in
the field, you must have made one or two beauty mistakes. Would you care to share your biggest beauty mistake?

Charla: My biggest beauty mistake...I am very cautious about what I do to my face so I haven't had a disaster. But sometimes I don't plan ahead...and my hairdresser Brad Johns is away on vacation and I have to walk around with dark roots longer than I prefer to!

Beckie: As we all know, beauty is skin deep. What is your health and exercise regimen? How do you deal with stress?

Charla: I'm a big Weight Watchers fan. I weigh myself daily and when my weight is heading upwards, I jump back onto Weight Watchers and get back down. I am also a fan of spinning and do it as much as I can when I am not traveling. In New York, I go to Soul-Cycle on the Upper West side and in the Hamptons, I spin at Zone Hampton.

Beckie: You say that you know that New York and LA fashion will not always translate in other areas of the country. For a cash-stretched woman who lives in a small Midwest town, what is your No. 1 piece of fashion advice to make someone look tens years younger?

Charla: Buy a great pair of jeans that fit you perfectly. Look at the brands that I recommend in HOW NOT TO LOOK OLD and start with those. They look great on an over-40 body. For me, Habitual, Citizens of Humanity and Paige are the winners.

Beckie: Some of my readers have been fighting the age spot war, particularly with reference with their hands. Would you care to weigh in on this issue?

Charla: We need to pay attention to our hands as they will give us away. You can use the same products on your hands as you do on your face. For an affordable solution, go with the Olay Definity line because it fights both age spots and wrinkles and costs less than $30. Age spots can age you up to 20 want clear, even skintone.

Beckie: What beauty and fashion advice do you give your husband and other male boomers?

Charla: To men who are going white, color your hair. Also, get non-wire frames--and stay away from those aging rimless frames....go plastic! Get a cool pair of rectangles. My husband, Richard Zoglin, is also promoting his book, Comedy at the Edge...for his tour, he bought new glasses...very cool black rectangles from Robert Marc!

Beckie: Again, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy, busy schedule to answer my questions and help us baby boomers traverse through the next decades with grace, beauty, style and looking ten years younger.

In past posts, I have chatted up Charla. Here are the other posts in reference to her or How Not To Look Old:
4 Magazines That Aren't Your Granny's Magazines
My Concealer Obsession
Aging Sucks

Have a great day,


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Monday, January 21, 2008

Review of Clinique's Supermoisture Makeup

Clinique foundation

Mimi Bobek I don't know if you remember my before and after at the Clinique cosmetic counter a few weeks ago where my free makeover left me looking like Mimi Bobek from the Drew Carey Show, but I finally got up enough courage to return to said counter to get a few samples of Clinique's new Supermoisture Makeup. Clinique Girl color-matched my skin, and I raced out of the department store so that Makeover Girl would not be offended by my previous escape, and I took my sample home for the real test drive.

Clinique advertises this new product as, "Ultra-creamy yet refreshingly lightweight formula goes beyond flaw-fixing, acting as skin’s undercover moisture agent for a dewy look. Disguises unevenness with sheer-to-moderate coverage. Instantly puts drier skins at ease. Skin looks soft and radiant all day."

As advertised, Supermoisture Makeup is creamy, lightweight, and dewy. It is a good choice for women with dry skin like mine. I have been using Bobbi Brown's Moisture Rich Foundation, but found it to have too much coverage for daywear. I will keep Bobbi's foundation in my makeup arsenal, but I am going to add Clinique's Supermoisture Makeup for day. I am sold on this product.

You can find more reviews of this product at Bella Sugar.

In reference to the previous post, the jury is still out on the concealer. I need to have a few friends give me their honest opinions. I will report the results to you.


(Image from

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

How Vitamin E Oil Transformed My Skin

vitamin E capsule

I try to strive for ten fruits and veggies on a daily basis, and a handful of nuts to keep my skin healthy, but the cold weather has left my skin drier than last night's boneless skinless chicken prepared by my darling hubby. (Sorry, hon.) (Okay, I didn't mention, aging could be a factor, too. I just don't want to go there today. ) Among all the nutrients, vitamin E is one of the most important for ensuring that your skin is healthy. Of course, there are a myriad of face creams on the market containing an alphabet of vitamins, but naturalists, "homeopaths," and even some plastic surgeons maintain that topical vitamin E, directly from the capsule, is a first-rate moisturizer, especially for the price.
Boots moisturizer
Last night I applied my usual slew of creams, and then I pierced a vitamin E capsule and spread the oil from the capsule directly onto my face, hands, and feet. Although the odor of the vitamin E dissipated quickly, I then applied Boots Wonderbalm on my lips, which contains olive oil and almond oil. After my oil immersion was complete and I slithered in bed, my husband jested that I looked more slippery than a few current politicians, who will remain nameless to protect the innocent. By morning, my skin was softer than the recent Hilary/Obama debate in Las Vegas. All politcal jokes aside, my skin was baby soft.

A cooking blog this isn't, but another natural moisturizer accidentally discovered by Almost Pretty is 100% Pure Shea Butter. Maybe the naturalists have the right recipe after all.

Sources:, The New York Times, Almost Pretty
Images: Boots

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