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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What Every Woman Should Know About Fraxel

Have you been contemplating going to your dermatologist's office for Fraxel or Affirm, fractionated resurfacing with a laser? Then join me tomorrow, via video, as I undergo my third procedure at my dermatologist's office. Learn what every woman should know about fractionated resurfacing.

What is fractionated resurfacing with a laser? Using a laser, my dermatologist makes thousands of microscopic wounds over 20 percent of my face and neck. The minuscule wounds stimulate cell turnover and the production of fresh collagen. Because the surrounding skin is left untouched, healing time is minimal. The redness it causes, which looks like you got a nasty sunburn, subsides within a week. Fine lines are often reduced by up to 50% after five or six monthly treatments. It can also be used to treat acne and other skin perfections. Tomorrow I will show you a picture of my skin two treatments ago.

What does it cost? At $600 a pop, fractionated resurfacing can add up to the cost of a facelift, but in my opinion, the results are much more natural looking. In addition, with Fraxel and Affirm, you can treat not only the face but the neck area, too. After the initial series of treatments, it is recommended that you have yearly tune-ups.

If you have any questions you would like answered about fractionated resurfacing before I undergo treatment, give me a shout. Otherwise, I will see you at my derm's office on Wednesday.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Beauty Product Review: ThemaClear

ThermaClear device

I've been having post-workout pimples, so I was glad to try ThermaClear, a device that treats acne. The technology is similar to laser treatments that derms use in their offices. You wash and dry your face and then apply the device to the pimple. Heat is released from the hand-held device to zap bacteria harboring in the zit. With the bacteria gone, the pimple heals more quickly. A slight burning sensation does occur upon use.
Brains on Beauty: For the price ($149.95 from Sephora) and the time it takes to heal the pimple, you could use other more cost-effective alternatives.

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