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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Product Review: Lint-On-The-Go Sheets - No More Lint, Hair, or Fuzz

Ellen Degeneres holding a white dog on the cover of Modern Dog

Product Review: Lint-On-The-Go Sheets (20 for $12)

What do Beckie Temple, Ellen Degeneres, Kelly Ripa, Tyra, Jlo, Angelina Jolie, and Paris Hilton all have in common?

Lint-On-The-Go Sheets.

Be fashion forward with no more lint, hair, or fuzz!

I carry Lint-On-The-Go Sheets in my handbag at all times. My Let's Make a Deal handbag is bulging at the seams, waiting for Jay Stewart, the show's announcer to yell, "Beckie Temple, c'mon down!"

picture of Let's Make a Deal with Monty Hall on an orange background
I try to run down the aisle, but my overstuffed handbag is weighing my 120-pound frame down.

I scream, "Oh, My God! I can't believe I've finally been picked. I have been sitting in this audience for a decade!"

Monty Hall would say, "Beckie Temple, if you have Lint-On-The-Go Sheets in your handbag, I will give you $1,000!"

I would gasp and stutter, "Just a minute, Monty. I th-th-think I do!"

I reach in my uber-large handbag and pull out everything but the kitchen sink, and among the handbag inhabitants is Lint-On-The-Go Sheets.

Monty, acting surprised, would ask, "Why do you have such a specific item like Lint-On-The-Go Sheets in your handbag?"

"Monty, Monty, Monty," I'd chastise.

"With a Beagle and a Chihuahua as part of my entourage, I need to have lint removers of every species around me at all times.

In the past, I have carried lint rollers in my handbag, and although they picked up my poochimamas' hair, they also picked up everything inside of my purse. These handy travel size sheets come individually wrapped with a protective liner!"

Monty looks at me in astonishment and says, "I will give you another $1,000 if you tell me where to buy these."

sketch of a woman holding a dog on the front of Lint-On-The-Go Sheets"Mont, m'boy, go to Shopgogirl: ."

If you have read Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog from the beginning, you will know that I love my dogs, but I can't leave home without rolling a lint brush over my clothing, and invariably, I miss a few spots.

Lint-On-The-Go Sheets are the first thing I pack in my handbag...right after the chihuahua, that is.

Do you have a hairy dog story to share?

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