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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Not To Look Old - An Interview With Charla Krupp

The following is an interview with Charla Krupp, author of How Not To Look Old -- Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better. "Aging Sucks" according to Charla. Her book covers a college semester in Baby Boomer Beauty 101 -- educating women over 40 on wardrobe tweaks, beauty secrets, makeup tips, and even shopping lists.

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Beckie: Charla, thank you for your time. I know women will be very interested in your answers, as you are the poster child for the boomer who has reinvented aging. Even though you admit in your book -- How Not To Look Old -- that you are high maintenance, your high-maintenance routine obviously works for you. You look fabulous. Your book should be a must-read for every woman 40 or older.

I know you are a fan of injectables. Is there anything new on the dermatological horizon?

Charla: As far as injectables, it seems that there is something new every month. It's best if you talk to your derm about what is best for you. As I said in HOW NOT TO LOOK OLD, permanent fillers can leave permanent problems so don't just go for the long-term solution unless you are
assured that you are in the right hands. You can't be too careful about this.

Beckie: You didn't put a chapter on plastic surgery in you book, and you even quote Isaac Mizrahi as saying, "Do you want to look 70? Get a face lift." Would you ever consider a surgical face lift or an acupuncture face lift?

Charla: I'm hoping that by the time I need a face lift, there is a non-surgical solution. I don't look forward to going through that procedure! It's not pretty. And I've seen some very bad face lifts.

Beckie: Your resume reads like a good book. You have been a former beauty editor at Glamour, Senior Editor at InStyle, Beauty Editor at People Watch, currently writing a column for More magazine, as well as your countless appearances on television. Even though you are an expert in
the field, you must have made one or two beauty mistakes. Would you care to share your biggest beauty mistake?

Charla: My biggest beauty mistake...I am very cautious about what I do to my face so I haven't had a disaster. But sometimes I don't plan ahead...and my hairdresser Brad Johns is away on vacation and I have to walk around with dark roots longer than I prefer to!

Beckie: As we all know, beauty is skin deep. What is your health and exercise regimen? How do you deal with stress?

Charla: I'm a big Weight Watchers fan. I weigh myself daily and when my weight is heading upwards, I jump back onto Weight Watchers and get back down. I am also a fan of spinning and do it as much as I can when I am not traveling. In New York, I go to Soul-Cycle on the Upper West side and in the Hamptons, I spin at Zone Hampton.

Beckie: You say that you know that New York and LA fashion will not always translate in other areas of the country. For a cash-stretched woman who lives in a small Midwest town, what is your No. 1 piece of fashion advice to make someone look tens years younger?

Charla: Buy a great pair of jeans that fit you perfectly. Look at the brands that I recommend in HOW NOT TO LOOK OLD and start with those. They look great on an over-40 body. For me, Habitual, Citizens of Humanity and Paige are the winners.

Beckie: Some of my readers have been fighting the age spot war, particularly with reference with their hands. Would you care to weigh in on this issue?

Charla: We need to pay attention to our hands as they will give us away. You can use the same products on your hands as you do on your face. For an affordable solution, go with the Olay Definity line because it fights both age spots and wrinkles and costs less than $30. Age spots can age you up to 20 want clear, even skintone.

Beckie: What beauty and fashion advice do you give your husband and other male boomers?

Charla: To men who are going white, color your hair. Also, get non-wire frames--and stay away from those aging rimless frames....go plastic! Get a cool pair of rectangles. My husband, Richard Zoglin, is also promoting his book, Comedy at the Edge...for his tour, he bought new glasses...very cool black rectangles from Robert Marc!

Beckie: Again, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy, busy schedule to answer my questions and help us baby boomers traverse through the next decades with grace, beauty, style and looking ten years younger.

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