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Thursday, May 8, 2008

How to Make a Menopausal Fashion Statement

Hot flashes? No sweat! You can make a fashion flashion statement and still keep your cool.

Sticking my head in a refrigerator has been on of my options of dealing with hot flashes, but a more orthodox option is layering my clothing. Luckily, layers are always trendy. Cotton is the most breathable natural fabric. You can mix up your traditional wardrobe with workout clothes from Dupont Coolmax, Nike Dri-Fit, Champion Double Dry, and Reebok Hydromove. A simple tee shirt or tank top can be worn under a jacket or sweater for a cool haute look.

picture of two Nike tank tops

Nike Women's Seamless Ace Tank ( Midwest Sports $55)

MenoWear : Worn under a suit, sweater, or even alone, this classic shell with a gently rounded neckline is a wardrobe essential. Keeps you - and your clothing - dry throughout the day.

picture of a shell from Menowear has a vast selection of products to help keep your cool at night, from wicking PJs to wicking sheets and comforters.
picture of a woman wearing pajamas

Brains on hot flashes: After all the nights spent projectile hot flashing, you think I might have thought of wicking sheets and a wicking comforter. Not until I researched this post had I given it a thought. Wicking while you sleep is pure genius in my opinion.
What are your ways to stay cool during a hot flash?

Stay cool,

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