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Friday, April 25, 2008

5 Fashionable Reasons To Play Golf

As more girls and young women are hitting the links, the line between street clothes and golf clothes is blurring. While in Florida this month, my dad's wife, a trendsetter in her own right, bought a trendy giraffe print skort. Oh, I had such golf fashion envy. I thought, I must learn to play golf so I can justify wearing that cute giraffe print skort. But golfanistas in 2008 know that golf couture can now take you from the greens to the 19th hole, whether your score is up to par or not. Here are five fashionable reasons to play golf...or just look cute.

picture of Puma golf outfit
1. Polo: Golf All-Over print pique polo, $60 Skort: Golf printed skort, $70

picture of Carter Humphrey golf dress2. Stretch-cotton gabardine Alex golf dress, $175

picture of women's golf dress 3. Dress: Floral petal print cotton jersey dress, $110

picture of golf outfit4. NIVO's stretch-cotton polo, $65, and moisture-wicking polyester skort, $75.

picture of Ralph Lauren golf outfit
5. Ralph Lauren Golf (On sale $59).

Fashion Mulligan: If those "reasons" aren't trendy enough for you, in August, Death to Argyle debuts a line of edgy urban chic golf clothes created by twin sisters who proclaim, "...because we love the game of golf but wouldn't be caught dead in the clothes."

And don't forget your most important accessory: Your bag.

white golf bagSleek, minimalist and refined. Callaway Golf's Women's Collection patent-leather cart bag comes with a matching purse for accessories and three headcovers, $250.

Jamie's Fitness tip: Studies have shown that walking the golf course is very beneficial for your health.

  • Walking for 18 holes of golf equates to 40-percent to 70-percent of the intensity of a maximum aerobic workout.

  • Walking golfers reduce their levels of bad cholesterol while keeping their good cholesterol steady.

  • Four hours of playing golf (walking) is comparable to a 45-minute fitness class.

  • Walking a golf course is equivalent to a 3- or 4-mile walk, taking into account hills and inclines around tees and greens.

Drop us a line and let us know if you can tell the difference between street clothes and golf clothes. Do you like the new look?

Have a great weekend,

Beckie and Jamie


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