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Monday, December 24, 2007

Are You Addicted to Your CrackBerry?

CrackBerry cases

BlackBerriers are now referred to as CrackBerriers because of BlackBerry's addictive quality. I was addicted to mine after only two weeks of use. I knew after the first caress of the keys that I had to kick the CrackBerry habit quickly. I was in a catatonic stupor and my thumbs were twitching the first day without my BlackBerry. I used my next drug of choice -- my laptop. Okay, okay, so I still have laptop addiction, but I am working on that issue.

Philippe Reines, a 34-year-old Democrat who works on Capitol Hill (and who coined the term "blirting," for BlackBerry flirting) went through such severe withdrawals after finding that Martha's Vineyard lacked BlackBerry reception that he wandered aimlessly around the Vineyard for days looking for coverage before employing a pilot to take his BlackBerry on a round trip to the mainland where his BlackBerry could send and receive messages. Mr. Reines got 129 new messages!

Do you know the eleventh commandment, Thou shall not peek at thy BlackBerry while thine priest is speaking? 'Fess up, girls. Will you sneak a peek in church tomorrow? According to a 20-city survey conducted by AOL, 22 percent of people confessed to checking their e-mail devices during a church service.

On THE last shopping day before Christmas, if you haven't gotten a gift for your addicted friend or yourself, here are a few trendy cases for your beloved BlackBerry from Nicole Miller:
Fashion cases from Or take the pledge to turn off your BlackBerry for 24 hours.

Merry Christmas Eve...

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