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Sunday, February 24, 2008

How To Get A Professional Looking Manicure In Minutes

Avon's French Manicure Dry Enamel Strips

Yesterday, this dogged blogger spent a good part of Saturday afternoon at the veterinarian's office with The Haute Dog. I love this dog like a son, but he is a Drama Queen! (I wonder where he gets it from.) On one occasion last year, The Haute Dog had what turned out to be a gas pain that psychologically and physically paralyzed him. Truly! He flipped over on his back with all four legs extended straight in the air, looking like rigor mortis had set in. So I tend to ignore his theatrics. I bet you are wondering how I discovered how to get a professional looking manicure in minutes via The Haute Dog. Stay with me, girls.

On Friday afternoon, I found The Haute Dog had maneuvered and strategically placed a warm heating pad over his head and abdomen. That night, in an attempt to climb the stairs to go to his bed, he gingerly traversed the steps as if he were an injured skier with stitches in his paws. Saturday morning, he went on a food strike. He wouldn't eat his standard Saturday morning meal -- an omelet -- or his dog food.

Adding these new symptoms to an already established anatomical male condition, I thought we better make the trek to the vet's office. Three hours and $250 later, I am told that Drama Queen has colitis -- gas! -- again! --which finally brings me to my nails.

I had intended to get my nails done on Saturday afternoon, but alas, the beagle's antics took center stage. Minutes before leaving for a party, I took a look at my raw fingers and ghastly fingernails that had been marinating in DIF, a fast-acting wallpaper removal product, for most of Friday.

Thankfully I had in my beauty product graveyard Avon's Instant French Manicure Dry Nail Enamel Strips that I had purchased last summer but tossed aside because I thought my lack of dexterity would be an issue.

As it turned out, my daughter was home for the weekend, so she did the honors of the application. We both think the strips look better than a salon manicure, partially because my nails were so brittle from the DIF marinade. In addition, we both think they would be a bit tricky for somebody to apply on their own, but I give them 4 out of 5 paws for their professional look.
clip art of 4 dog paw prints
If any of you women have your own Drama Queen housed in your abode (be it, human or dog), keep a stash of Avon's Instant Enamel Strips in your cosmetic case. In minutes, you can leave the drama behind and head out the door to your party with professional looking nails.

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