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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

4 Steps To Smooth Hair

posh spice

Who is the first person to call when I pass away? Kevin, my Aveda hairdresser. The second person to call is The Hubster. Kev will smooth out my ruly locks before I take my trip to the herafter.

After plopping in Kev's chair yesterday, he asked, "Is there anything you want to tell me about your hair?" I said, "Either my head has assumed a Beetlejuice shrunken head, as portrayed by Michael Keaton in the movie Beetlejuice, or my ears have gotten bigger."

Thankfully, Kevin deduced that my anatomy wasn't the problem; it was my hair. Evidently, my hair is hormonally challenged and decided to morph, without permission, from straight to wavy.

My hairstyle is a quasi-Pob -- Posh Spice's bob -- and I have worn it that way long before she owned it. As an Aveda product fan for years, I have routinely applied Smooth Infusion shampoo, conditioner, and finisher, but the catalyst for transforming my newly found waves to smooth, shiny locks yesterday was Aveda's new Pre-Style Smooth Infusion.

Aveda is offering the Four -Step Smoothing System for $87 ( $107 value) for a limited time. This set includes shampoo, conditioner, pre-style smoother, finisher, a smoothing brush, and styling tips.

aveda infusion set

As an additional bonus, you can enter a chance to win a free salon service from Aveda at their official site (haircut, massage, or facial).
Images: Aveda

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