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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Soapbox Saturday: Beyoncé's House of Deréon's Ad Campaign for Kids and Other Musings

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Good morning, girls. If you are a faithful reader, you will probably know I get on my soapbox on Saturdays. It helps me balance out writing about beauty products during the week. This morning I can't help sharing Singer Beyoncé's fashion collection, House of Deréon's ads for her new kids line. I am saddened to see ads that display children flaunting their sex appeal. It takes away the innocence of youth.

picture of House of Dereon Ad Campaign
The reviews are rolling in, and they are not very complimentary. According to one source, 88 percent think the ads are inappropriate.

"What is the next ad going to look like? Babies wearing gold metallic bikinis while five-year old boys throw Monopoly money on them."

"I don’t know about you, but the words 'F*** me pumps' and 'pre-schoolers' do not need to go together in the same sentence."

picture of House Of Dereon's Ad Campaign for kids

picture of JonBenet RamseyDo those photos remind you of JonBenet Ramsey, God rest her soul?

The racy, pedophilic photos seems to be cutting edge fashion in the media mainstream. These little babes in the ad campaign are only five or six at the most.

How will famous photog Annie Leibovitz take edgy and airbrushed pictures of these darling little girls when they reach the ripe age of 18 if they have been modeling "sex" for the last twelve years?

Speaking of Annie Leibovitz, I am sure you have heard about the airbrushing controversy behind the "Real Beauty" campaign ads for Dove. Personally, I wouldn't mind being airbrushed, but the purpose of the campaign was to promote real beauty.
picture of Dove Real Age Ad Campaign
Jolie's Exclusive sums it up:

(You can find the backstory here and here, but in a nutshell, Pascal Dangin, one of the photographers employed by Annie Leibovitz, who shot the ads, is claiming that they were retouched.)

To read the full statement from Dove about the New Yorker article, click here, but to summarize,

Mr. Dangin, who worked with Annie, responded, “The recent article published by The New Yorker incorrectly implies that I retouched the images in connection with the Dove “real women” ad. I only worked on the Dove ProAge campaign taken by Annie Leibovitz and was directed only to remove dust and do color correction - both the integrity of the photographs and the women’s natural beauty were maintained.”

And since we're speaking of racy photographs this morning, I can't help but add a chat about Miley Cyrus's portfolio of sexual photos that preceded her controversial Vanity Fair shoot where Miley is wrapped in a bed sheet.

picture of Miley Cyrus from Vanity Fair

What happened to 15-year-old girls wearing clothes? Hugh Hefner wants Miley to pose for Playboy -- when she's legal, of course.

I rest my case, mostly because The Hubster just walked in with a dozen hot Krispy Kreme donuts.


Do any of you care to share my soapbox this morning? Do you think photographing racy pictures of underaged girls is appropriate? What say you?


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