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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Independent Beauty Product Review: Anastasia Brow Wiz

picture of a woman looking in a hand mirror and plucking her eyebrows

This independent beauty product review of Anastasia Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil ($19) is reviewed by Beckie and Jamie.

Beckie: Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your eyebrows capture the essence of your spirit, and Anastasia is the patron saint of brows.

Jamie: Anastasia 'Brow Wiz' Mechanical Brow Pencil is God's answer to overplucked brows. Yes, I am an overplucker.

Beckie: Jamie, you know that thick, naturally arched eyebrows are the current trend.

Jamie: I know, Mom.

Beckie: The ultra fine pencil tip mimics teeny tiny hairs, which is ideal for filling in my sparse, thin brows.

Jamie: I used short strokes to extend my brow. Because the "mechanical" pencil's tip is so fine, the hairs that I "drew" look natural.

Beckie: Being blond, I struggle with finding colors suitable for my light brows, and that's why I have always turned to Anastasia for brow color. Her lighter colors are exceptionally natural looking. I would suggest Medium Ash for light to dark blondes like us and Brunette for dark brown to black hair.

Jamie: We are also trying Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum which purports to slow down excess hair loss and stimulates hair regeneration and renewal. It generally requires two months of continued use, so check back in October for our review. We hopefully will have those "thick, naturally arched eyebrows" that Mom was recommending.

Are you an over-plucker?

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Are You An Over-Plucker?

"Speak you this with a sad brow?" asked Shakespeare. My friend, Jan Barrington, had more than a sad brow; she had no brow. At a prepubescent age, she decided to shape her brows with Nair hair remover. Needless to say, Anne was sans brows for quite a long time. Now that bushy brows are back in style, Anne is still out of luck. Her brows never recouped their bushiness. Oh, how trends change. There is some scientific evidence that Rogaine will help the over-plucker or the Nair-do-well to regrow their plucks, but once the application ceases, so does the regrowth.

As a woman with Sad Brow Syndrome, I have coached my brows into shape with Anastasia's brow products. woman's picture Although Oprah launched Anastasia Soare into most women's cosmetic vernacular, the brow maven had already performed her magic on most of women and girls in Hollywood. The influence of Anastasia's mother, who was a tailor, and Anastasia's attendance at the Romania College of Architecture, honed Anastasia's aesthetic skills prior to becoming a cosmetology student.

Anastasia's brow kit is $85, but it's a one-stop brow shop. It includes brow powder, brow gel, after tweeze cream, eye lights, matte pencil, brush (angled cut/spooley), precision tweezers, and stencils.

But for the tweezer addict, the deal of the day is Tweezer Annonymous at Sephora (only available at Sephora. A $80 value for $55).This kit includes a brow stix three-piece stencil set, duo brow wand (a new powder featuring a dual-sided applicator with brunette and ash blonde brow powders); a mini duo brush; and NĂș Brow, a brow conditioner. brow kit

(The only caveat, if you are light blonde, your brows may require the golden blonde powder. Brow powder should be two shades darker than your hair.)

If sad brows still prevail and you are plucky woman, you could always have eyebrow transplant surgery.

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Images: Sephora

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