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Thursday, December 27, 2007

12 Beauty and Fashion Essentials for 2008: COLOR

12 Beauty and Fashion Essentials for 2008

Welcome to the first installment of 12 Beauty and Fashion Essentials for 2008. In this ongoing series, you will discover your own personal style for 2008 and bling -- ring in the new year with confidence and a twist of sass.

woman in dress
Starting with a clean slate like the quintessential Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that any body type can wear, let's add a bit of panache to this lovely but mundane dress with color. Bright teals, blues, hot pinks, emerald greens, oranges, and purples have been fashion forward in 2007 and will continue their journey in 2008. The Michael Kors tote would add the needed personality to this look. Accenting any part of your basic wardrobe with a vivid color will put you on the cutting edge of fashion.

orange purse
Although discovering your personal color vocabulary is one avenue to explore, all colors will morph you into a fashionista. When I discovered what colors complemented my hair and eyes the best, I got stuck in a color rut. I deafened my friends for longer than I want to admit with a stuttering symphony of vibrant pinks and blues. The naked truth is that any lively color will add that little extra je ne sais quoi. If your hair is your best asset, wear a colorful sweater or scarf. If your svelte waist is your best asset, wear a vivid belt. Just remember that color draws attention to you, so put it near your best feature.

While you are shopping the after-Christmas sales look for colorful accessories that add something exciting to your existing wardrobe. By adding a pop of color in your choice to this Diane von Furstenberg black dress defines your style personality. It is what I call classic with a twist. (As an aside, I love Diane's designs. They work for skinny minnies like me and weight-challenged women, too.),

Diane von Furstenbery little black dressChoosing either shoes like the BCBGirls pink sandal , the Imooi punch necklace from 2Modern, or the Bergdorf Goodman Carlos Falchi fuchsia matte croc clutch adds the needed punch of color to this wardrobe staple.fuschsia shoe

Imooi necklace

pink clutch handbag

This delightful Tory Burch tangerine ballerina flat is all the color that is required to jazz up the otherwise routine everyday straight leg jeans.

tangerine ballet shoe

Rings, earrings, hats, and glasses in bright colors are also a perfect accent to an otherwise clean black slate, BUT don't go color crazy and make others hyperventilate when you walk into the room. One or two small pieces or one large piece in a bright color is all you need. Once you've incorporated color in small amounts, you can try adding accent pieces like jackets and sweaters.

Have a little fun with color in 2008 and define your own style and spirit. It may be all you need to fend off the winter blues.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

You Don't have to be a Fashion Prognosticator to Predict the 2008 Spring Colors

woman in multi-colored dress

woman in colorful dress

While the fashion industry has been busy as Santa's elves predicting fashion and trends for 2009 and 2010, I can barely predict what I will wear to our Christmas Eve soiree.

According to Fashion Trendsetter, an online fashion and forecasting website, spring/summer of 2008 has a split personality. The Jekyll side has the "brightest whilst darkest color tones freshened by split complements." (For a full palette click here.)

Spring-summer 2008 color trend palette

The Hyde side speaks of a candy store, "colors reminding of everyone's childhood, while keeping up the pinks and blues, screaming out, 'It's a girl' or 'It's a boy.' (For a full color palette click here.)

Spring-summer 2008color palette

The naked truth: Color combinations and trends come and go. If the new trends do not complement your skin tone or hair color, add a pop of the trend color in shoes or a handbag.
(Dresses from Nordstrom.)

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