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TRIA Hair Removal System

Posted on Jun 8, 2009 at 6:23AM

The Working Girl on Allure's Breakthrough Award, the Tria Hair Removal System

Photothermolysis is the process by which the TRIA Hair Removal System’s laser energy targets the dark pigment in the hair, where it is transformed into heat that disables the hair follicle.


Say what? 

Call it laser hair removal

Call it effective. 

The TRIA Hair Removal System delivers smooth, hairless skin in as little as four months.  Skip the doctor's office and save mucho deniro. 
My experience...
Since my one-time visit to the salon to get my bikini area waxed, I have been hesitant to do anything but shave.  The experience was painful during and after. 

My palms were sweating. 

My legs were shaking. 

My walk looked like Humpty Dumpty's. 

It simply ruined my day. 
I slowly and meticulously read the directions to the Tria Hair Removal System.  I called the 800 number to answer the few simple questions and activate the laser device. 

I charged the bad boy up and I was ready to get rid of some hair. 

I started at the lowest setting. 

Warmth permeated down my underwear line. 

I can handle it.  Give me some more power.  Highest setting it is. 

A slight tingle but nothing like my waxing experience.  It took about 10 minutes for me to do my bikini area thoroughly. 
Ahh.  First treatment complete. 

Now, for three months I will repeat this process with ease every two weeks and then again, once a month for three months.  I am utterly ecstatic with the system and can't wait to see the results!

Visit the website to get more information on the product, the process, and the technology at


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