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April 2009 Natural Health Magazine + 13 Sweepstakes

Posted on Mar 22, 2009 at 5:15AM


cover of April 2009 issue of Natural Health magazine

April 2009 Natural Health Magazine 

Women who abhor exercise will love the No-Diet Weight Loss Plan.  It's NEAT! 

“Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or NEAT, is the calories you burn doing everything that isn’t going to the gym, sleeping, or eating. Life impacts NEAT and NEAT impacts life.” —James Levine, M.D., Ph.D., professor of medicine, Mayo Clinic


DO THIS: Wash dishes by hand. Calories burned: 50 in 30 minutes; more if you dry by hand.
NOT THAT: Use a dishwasher.

DO THIS: Use a push mower to cut your grass. Calories burned: 295 an hour.
NOT THAT: Drive a sit-down mower.

DO THIS: Rake the leaves from your lawn. Calories burned: 200 an hour.
NOT THAT: Use a leaf blower.

DO THIS: Shovel snow from your driveway and walkways. Calories burned: nearly 350 an hour.
NOT THAT: Plug in an electric beater.

DO THIS: Shovel snow from your driveway and walkways. Calories burned: nearly 350 an hour.
NOT THAT: Hire someone else or use a snowplow or snowblower.

DO THIS: Cook meals from scratch. Calories burned: 100 an hour.
NOT THAT: Microwave prepared food.

13 Giveaways to enter:

Win a copy of Steven Pratt's SuperHealth!

A six-week diet and exercise plan, SuperHealth by Steven Pratt, M.D., offers the tools you’ll need—from a daily fitness planner to grocery lists and recipes—to detox and age-proof your body naturally.

Win a bottle of New Chapter Probiotic Immunity supplements!

New Chapter Probiotic Immunity supplements help the immune system break down allergens like pollen.

Win a bottle of Aveeno Nourish+ Soothe Shampoo!

Aveeno Nourish+ Soothe Shampoo contains lavender and peppermint essential oils and is good for dry, itchy, and irritated scalps.

Win a copy of Ingrid Hoffmann's Simply Delicioso!

Food Network star Ingrid Hoffman’s first cookbook, Simply Delicioso, is filled with convenient, easy-to-prepare Latin recipes that live up to her motto, “If I can do it, you can do it.”

Win a bottle of Pharmacopia Citrus Lotion!

Win a copy of Avoiding Cancer One Day at a Time!

Win a bottle of Afrin PureSea Gentle Mist nasal rinse!

Win a tube of Dr. Nordyke's Wound Honey!

Win a Lush Up The Wooden Hill Emotibomb!

Win a bottle of Vitamin Shoppe Women's One Daily!

Win a bottle of Bath & Body Works Instant Aromatherapy Energy Boost!

Win a bottle of ForeverWell Gut Brain Therapy supplements!

Win a bottle of New Chapter Sinus and Respiratory supplements!


Only one internet entry per person and per e-mail address, per day will be accepted.

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