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Total Beauty Total Cure Giveaway and Tip No. 21

Posted By bectemp on Oct 30, 2008 at 4:50AM

logo of total beauty total cure campaignBeauty Blogger Laurie is hosting one of today's Total Beauty Total Cure giveaway from Sally Hansen.

Go to her beauty blog, Beauty Spot, to enter to win $298 worth of Sally Hansen product.

Blogger Roselyn of Makeup Makes Me Happy has $345 of Surgeon's Skin Secret up for grabs.

You must enter today to win.  Good luck!

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip No. 21: Best Books on Breast Cancer

Tell Me What to Eat to Help Prevent Breast Cancer: Nutrition You Can Live With

Elaine Magee

Take Off Your Party Dress by Dina Rabinovitch

Journalist Dina Rabinovitch had just turned 40 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2004. Her experience of the condition and its treatment, from diagnosis through mastectomy to recovery, is recounted in this down-to-earth memoir, covering everything from trialling Herceptin to what to wear that's stylish after surgery.

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

Kris Carr (foreward by Sheryl Crow)

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips gathers the lessons learned and advice offered from Carr’s own journey, as well as the experiences of her cancer posse. Full-color photos accompany personal stories and candid revelations in this scrapbook of advice, warnings, and resources for the cancer patient. Chapters cover your changing social life, dating, sex, and appearance; essential health tips on how to boost your immune system; recipes; medical and holistic resources; and information on young survivor support groups. The resulting book isa warm, yet informative tool for any woman newly diagnosed with the disease and for those who love them.

Fighting for Our Future: How Young Women Find Strength, Hope, and Courage While Taking Control of Breast Cancer

Beth Murphy (foreward by Ann Curry)

Fighting for Our Future

If you or someone you love is a young woman coping with breast cancer, this much-needed book was created for you. Here, for the first time, is all the vital information about breast cancer as it relates to the unique medical—and emotional—issues and challenges faced by women in their twenties, thirties, and early forties. Fighting for Our Future provides the latest medical knowledge about young women with breast cancer, based on interviews and guidance from a medical advisory board of doctors and scientists involved in cutting-edge in the field, along with inspiring and instructive stories of young women's experiences. The result is a practical and personal book covering a range of concerns, from how to find a breast surgeon, to the effects of this illness on relationships, to surgical options, and much, much more.

Tell Me What to Eat to Help Prevent Breast Cancer: Nutrition You Can Live With

Elaine Magee

Tell Me What to Eat to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Tell Me What to Eat to Help Prevent Breast Cancer begins with an overview of breast cancer in all its forms. Readers get a detailed yet completely understandable picture of how the cancer begins and how it spreads-a picture that is based on the latest medical information. Readers gain a better understanding of what breast cancer is and what they can do now to prevent it. Elaine Magee gives you all the information you can never seem to understand when the doctor rattles it off, and she answers all those questions you keep forgetting to ask. You'll find a host of specific recommendations-what to eat, what to avoid, and how to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle. Also included are dozens of healthful, mouth-watering recipes, plus supermarket and restaurant advice and sample weekly menu plans that are totally grounded in reality.

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book

Susan Love, M.D.

Dr Susan Love's Breast Book

Recent research is rapidly changing the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of breast cancer. Just as women afflicted with or worried about breast cancer have turned to the earlier editions of Dr. Susan Love's guide for the soundest, most supportive advice, once again they will find all the help they need in this new edition. From guidance on screening techniques and benign disease to comprehensive and heartening advice on living with breast cancer, Dr. Love's book will be a priceless help to recovery on every level, medical, practical, and psychological.

Once again readers will lean with gratitude on the extraordinary empathy and expertise in the book that Newsweek called "One of the most complete and trustworthy books ever published on breast cancer."

Breast Cancer: Can You Prevent It?

Amelia Lawson & James Lawson

Breast Cancer: Can You Prevent It? Breast cancer is the most common and feared of all cancers affecting women in the developed world.For many women their breasts are intrinsic to their femininity: loss or damage of them through cancer can result in profound dismay and grief. Nearly forty thousand research studies have been done in the past decade alone. The search is one of the most crucial scientific detective stories of the twentieth century. In this pioneering book, Professor James Lawson and his daughter Amelia Lawson describe the research-based, scientific progress that has been made in the fight against breast cancer. They outline the basic facts about breast cancer so women can assess their risk of contracting the disease and they suggest steps women can take to reduce these risks. Breast Cancer: Can you Prevent It? does not and cannot offer a world free of breast cancer but it does offer an understanding of the disease and therefore, hope.

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