Saturday, October 4, 2008

Soapbox Saturday: Saying "Hello" Is A Simple Courtesy

picture of a cat on his back with the words, checking in and saying hello

Carrie and Danielle, authors of Style Statement and editors of a newly transformed blog with perspectives on everyday life purpose and meaning have started a revolution. Not a political revolution, but a common courtesy revolution.

Carrie wrote this week,

I’d like to start a revolution in saying hello. A simple, hello.Religious wars…I understand why you might fight for your god, as backwards and undeniably ludicrous as it is, I get it. Road rage…remotely conceivable. But, not saying “hello” to someone on the sidewalk? I just don’t understand it. It’s heart-breakingly baffling to me.

We are joining in this revolution!

We have met hordes of people on the street with frowns hanging down to their shoulders. Who knows what that person might be going through. Maybe they are PMSing, maybe they just lost a fortune in the stock market, maybe they just broke up with their significant other.

Join us in the revolution by smiling and saying "hello" to everyone you meet today.

You have the power to change someone's day.

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Katherine said...

I will join you in your endeavor. Not only to say "Hello", but smile and the world will smile back. In today's economic crisis though, I have found it more difficult to get people to smile. Very Sad!

Girl-Woman said...

Hi Katherine. It is very sad. Sending you smiles...:)

candy @ said...

inspiring post, thanks for the mention of our site... I'm headed downtown in about half an hour (to the financial district, no less!) and you've just inspired me to say hi to at least a few people on the sidewalk!