Thursday, September 4, 2008

Body Image at New York Fashion Week

a headshot picture of a plus size woman with a purple and pink baloon behind her head

You might remember my dear friend Sarah, editor of StyleIt Online, who is taking on the misconceptions of the fuller figured woman from an article entitled "New York Fashion Week and the Plus Size Woman."

We are proud to be associated with an honest voice in a sea of dishonest body images.

Please read and learn:

Dear Readers,

When I first started Style IT, I thought it was appropriate and professional to be a more private author. As my writing style and my blog have naturally evolved, I have found it important to reveal more about myself and my professional life.

When preparing for my third season at New York Fashion Week, I came to a solid realization - I had let the pressures of being in that atmosphere cripple me emotionally until I had resigned to being a wallflower in my own professional environment. From my desire to turn these feelings around, On The Plus Side: A Fuller Figured Fashion Week Experience, a mini documentary about being a plus sized woman at New York Fashion Week was born.

As I put the project together, I realized that I was not the only woman to experience these emotions. No matter your size, there is something about your body you wish was different, and we should be helping each other instead of hurting one another. So many larger women do not realize there are affordable, fashionable options for all size ranges.

I've been fortunate to receive the support of some incredible sponsors. I am proud to wear their products over the next 8 days and help empower other plus size women.

On The Plus Side: A Fuller Figured Fashion Week Experience is sponsored

Kipling - Amanda Jaron - Silhouettes - Old Navy - Lane Bryant -
Kitten Couture - B & Lu - IGIGI - Bliss NY PR - NARS - Shiva Hair Care - Pro
Silk Hair Appliances - Sun Sauce - Kathryn Kerrigan - Fig Leaves - Barefoot Tess

Videos, spreads of my outfits and beauty products and in depth reviews, not to mention Fashion Week coverage will be uploaded daily. If you don't want to miss out on the fun, subscribe to updates via email or RSS.

Check back tomorrow for more of On The Plus Side!

Find out what our twentysomething Jamie, a professional certified trainer, of Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog feels about her body.


My legs!

"Is your husband a professional athlete, Mrs. Temple?" my mom's OB asked her after delivering me. My dad loves that story because I inherited his big thighs.

In elementary school, I was teased and called "thunder thighs" to my face.
Most of the time I would laugh it off, but it made my quite self-conscious.

Now, I love weight training and getting my legs even stronger. It's empowering. I'm strong on the inside and out, and I have learned not to hate anything about my body.

Every woman has it in them to change what they don't like with hard work in the gym, self-acceptance, and positive thoughts. I have days where I have indulged a bit too much, forgot to apply self-tanner, or skipped a workout and don't feel fabulous, but I just tell myself tomorrow is a new start.

Check back as we learn how Sarah exposes her honesty in the miasma of unrealistic body images at New York Fashion Week.

While following Sarah, we will also ask other women if they have a love-hate relationship with their body.

What are your feelings about your body
? Weigh in and leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you.

Have a healthy and happy day.

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Shannon Nelson said...

I'm pretty sure I know who Sarah is and I've seen her around fashion week. I know when I am there I feel completely insecure about how I look. I'm short and have some weight on. It's great that she is doing this and I hope she gets big kudos for it!