Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recession Fashion Cents

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Recession Fashion Cents: A fashion primer on wardrobe planning in a recessionary climate.

With the current state of the economy only a small percentage of Americans can afford to go out and update their wardrobe with an entirely new collection. For us penny-pinchers or those of us who are what I like to call ballin' on a budget, adding a few one-of-kind, unique items to our existing collection is the better option to march into fall as a smart fashionista.

At New York Fashion Week this year, NYC got to peep the top designers upcoming collections and noticed a trend: bold.

We all have the basics: a good fitting pair of jeans, black and white duds for all occasions, and a sturdy leather 'carry anything' handbag. Now, it's time to add a bit of pizazz with high quality and high fashion.

Another great option for fall fashion is to shop well known designers at prices anyone can handle.

Target offers clothing from the flamboyant spitfire, Isaac Mizrahi, along with Richard Chai and John Derian to name just a few.

Vera Wang has erected a great line for Kohl's that offers her signature whimsical mix and matches pieces.

And, don't forget BITTEN by Sarah Jessica Parker offered online and at Steve and Barry's (yes, the college apparel store where you can get the cheapest Indiana University t-shirts - 2 for $15).

Now, go fill up that piggy bank!


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