Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beauty on a Budget: 3 Must-Haves

picture of a '50s style woman in old-fashioned blue bathing suit sitting on the beach

Beauty on a Budget: Jamie's 3 make-up must-haves

If I were trapped on an exotic island with the sun beating down on me and a chiseled native with washboard abs and sexy eyes, here are the three essentials I would need to win his heart, along with my witty personality and grade A intelligence...and self-confidence -- haha.

  1. Netrogena has a wonderful moisturizing foundation that can be worn with or without the extras (bronzer, powder, blush). I love Netrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers in medium to tan because it blends with my skin tone, brightens, and has an SPF of 30. I definitely will need that on the island.
  2. I can't live without my MAC Lipstick Lustre in Gel. You may think it's a concealer with first glance but this is great to cover up chapped lips, to dull down a too bold or bright lip color, or to get that I'm-not-trying-I-always-look-this-good look.
  3. I always have my L'Oreal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss to go over my MAC lipstick. It makes my lips look fuller, wet and juicy, and smells irresistible. Okay, native island man, come and get me!

L'Oreal Colour Juice in Tutti Frutti (sold at most convenience stores) $7.99
Netrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers in medium to tan (sold at most convenience stores) $12.25
MAC Lipstick lustre in Gel ( $14.00

You don't need a calculator to realize that the grand total is beauty budget-friendly: $34.98!

A fabulous look for under $35. Can't beat that with an ugly stick.

If you were stranded on an exotic island, sans chiseled native with washboard abs and sexy eyes, what would be your three must-have beauty products?

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