Monday, August 4, 2008

Ask Amanda

black and white picture of young woman in v-neck black sleeveless dress on gray backgroundGirl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog is proud to announce a new segment on our blog entitled "."

Who is Amanda? Why should you trust her with your skincare questions?

Amanda Schmicker is an accomplished Healthcare Industry Professional with extensive experience in diverse areas of mental and behavioral health and cosmetic dermatology. Her education includes a Master's Degree in Business Administration, undergraduate studies in Human Services and Criminal Justice, and practical nursing.

She also is a cosmetic nurse specialist with excellent leadership abilities concerning healthcare and nursing team initiatives, and is instrumental in providing exceptional level of care to diverse clientele. Amanda has a broad knowledge base relating to cosmetic treatment options and benefits to each individual client.

What kind of questions should you ask Amanda?

You can any questions that you might have concerning skin care issues, cosmetic treatments, or what skincare creams are worth their weight in gold and which ones to buy at the drugstore. Just .

Before Amanda was associated with Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog, she kindly offered to help one of our readers who suffered from severe acne and resultant scarring by listening to her issues and recommending a treatment plan that was not only budget-friendly but successful in treating the problems.

Darling Amanda has also performed many of Beckie's cosmetic procedures in the dermatologist's office. Believe us, you can

Tune in tomorrow for Amanda's segment on what every woman needs to know before making an appointment with your aesthetic treatment provider.

Please give a big hand for Amanda. (The crowd roars!)


Elizabeth Kyeyune said...

Amanda is a great person for your skincare needs!! Love HER!!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda is amazing, she is honest, knowledgeable, and beautiful. I knew I would get the results I was looking for when I scheduled my appointments with Amanda. I continue to keep in touch and consult with her prior to seeking cosmetic treatments.