Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To Spot Fake Tiffany

picture of little blue Tiffany box with two silver Tiffany charms

Tiffany recently sued eBay alleging that it has sold tens of thousands of pieces of counterfeit Tiffany jewelry on its online auction house. Tiffany also alleged that 95percent of jewelry items sold and offered on eBay's Web site using the Tiffany name are counterfeit. The issue came down to whether eBay knew that the pieces of Tiffany jewelry offered for sale were fake.

Tiffany vs. eBay. Judgment for the defendant.

Having bought luxury items on eBay and being duped, we have learned from our mistake. We have educated ourselves on how to spot a fake.

Caveat Emptor: Here are 9 tips to think about before you buy Tiffiany jewelry.

  1. If there's a photograph, look at it carefully . The photo could have been stolen from Tiffany Y Co.'s website.

  2. Read the entire description. "Authentic" is not authentic unless it specifies the item is "Authentic Tiffany & Co."

  3. Sellers with private feedback may be hiding comments made regarding fake items they have sold. New sellers who are offering Tiffany jewelry for sale at cheap prices are usually selling fakes.

  4. The final cost at an online auction should be at least, half of the retail value of the item. Avoid high retail priced items with a Buy It Now price of less than a third of the retail value.

  5. Honest sellers will answer any of your questions and offer additional photos with regard to authenticity.

  6. If the seller offers to give you a receipt, the receipt does not guarantee that you have purchased an authentic piece of Tiffany jewelry. If the counterfeiter can sell a fake piece of Tiffany jewelry, he can also make a fake receipt.

  7. Read every written word, including the return policy. If you do not agree or are uncomfortable with the return policy, go with your instincts and do not bid on the item.

  8. Compare the item with the Tiffany & Co. website. Tiffany & Co. does not authenticate items bought on eBay.

  9. Tiffany & Co. does not put their items on sale.

Have you ever bought a fake? Have you ever had any problems with eBay?

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Runner Girl said...

Thanks so much for the tip off! I am a big Tiff fan!

"Tink" said...

Great tips!

I usually get all my Tiffany items directly from the store but I did buy a necklace on eBay once. Everything looked good until I read the stamped tag on the back of necklace. It looked like it said Tiffany but the top of the T was missing. I contacted the seller, eBay and Paypal. I even contact Tiffany's via email to let them know.

Girl-Woman said...

Argh! That is so frustrating. Real "Iffany." LOL.