Friday, July 11, 2008

Fitness Friday: Exercise for Perky Breasts

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Jamie Temple,
ACE, ACSM, Personal Trainer/Fitness Specialist

Perky Breasts seem to be the topic du jour for Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog.

Here is an exercise that strengthens your chest, front shoulders and triceps -- and of course, your breasts. No equipment needed.

two women, one doing a plank exercise with leg in the air, the other one spotting her

two women, one doing a plank exercise, the other one spotting her

  • Kneel on the floor with wrists aligned under shoulders and arms straight. Extend one foot at a time behind you until you're balanced on the balls of your feet.

  • Lower hips, pulling abdominals up and in until body forms a straight line from head to heels. Lift right foot off the floor, holding leg at hip height.

  • Keeping body stable in plank pose, rock backward without letting your belly sag or hips rise up, pressing left heel toward the floor, then rock your entire body forward until shoulders are over wrists.

Keep your middle-back muscles and abs tight throughout the movement to maintain a tight torso.

Do two sets of three rocks and three push-ups.

Keep moving!


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Source and Images: Shape, Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog


Civita said...

Oh wow, this post is timely! I've been thinking just last night how to improve my breasts and then I came across this blog. And the exercise also improves chest, front shoulders and triceps - more birds in one stone! Thanks for sharing this Jamie!