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This blog was designed for smart, stylish, witty women. Girl-Woman, a mother-daughter team, stays plugged-in so you don't have to. They track and test beauty products and fashion trends without regard to brand influences or any ulterior motives. The abiding philosophy of Girl-Woman is that they are passionate about beauty, they are passionate about fashion and style, they are passionate about health and fitness, and they are passionate about you. 

Girl-Woman shops in two different worlds: From a very tight budget to the best of the best. Together, they will show beauty, fashion, and fitness aficionados where to shop and what products they will want to use in 2008 at all price points.

Beckie a/k/a "The Woman" is a baby boomer who wants to remove the stigma of aging, wrinkles, age spots and make the aging process joyful and amusing. ("Let's refer to age spots by their charming French name: l'age aper coit -- pronounced lee-ahj a-per cwoit.) She is passionate about helping other boomers age divinely and confidently, as well as helping women of all ages feel self-assured in their own skin.

Jamie a/k/a "The Girl" is from the boomerang generation. After spending a few turbulent months at home after graduating college, she ricocheted out of the provincial nest and to the city. As a fitness specialist, she is passionate about assisting women in building not only their outer strength but their inner strength, too.

Although Beckie has been a court reporter -- having written thousands and thousands of single pages of legal banter and testimony in divorce proceedings, patent infringement cases, medical malpractice suits, and even U.S. Senate hearings -- her fashion sensibilities were derived from Nancy Drew, the courageous but laid-back blue-eyed, blond sleuth who always carried a flashlight, occasionally carried a gun, drove a blue convertible at high speeds, broke and entered, trespassed, all of this while wearing smart suits, matching hats, gloves, handbags, and in later books, a sporty and preppy sweater or blouse and skirt ensemble.

Beckie's interests include family, friends, beautiful Latin girls, and the bodacious beagle, a haute dog; reading, reading and more reading; photography; yoga; walking; and health and wellness -- except Steak 'n Shake chocolate milkshakes and kettle cooked potato chips. Her education includes degrees in court reporting, psychology and business, and graduate studies in marketing and counseling.

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